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Periodic Surveys

Surveys done by IT & Business Process Association Philippines (IBPAP) are exclusively available to IBPAP members. To get a copy, please contact Mr. Kenneth Garcia ( Thank you.


BPAP-O2P Q1 2011 Survey - Investing for Growth:

The latest BPAP-O2P quarterly survey of IT-BPO and shared services executives revealed a sustained, high level of optimism for the industry in the next 12 months despite heightened concern over the availability of an adequate and dependable supply of knowledge workers. The survey, participated in by 179 executives across more than 20 IT-BPO and shared services sectors, also signalled a continued shift from mostly voice-based process services to more diverse and high-value knowledge-based services.

Price: USD 150.00

brand_visibility_survey_buy_nowBPAP-O2P Q2 2011 Survey - Brand Visibility:

The IT-BPO industry needs to do more to “sell” the industry’s attributes and opportunities to potential employees and the people that influence them. The Philippine government should develop and implement a strategic marketing communications program to increase the visibility of the industry and its capabilities in its key markets.

Price: USD 25.00

1.1 O2P-B/PAP Periodic Survey: On the Road to Going Public - File Size: 3.96 MB; Date: 02 March 2009
O2P and BPA/P Periodic Survey #4: Impact of Peso Appreciation - File Size: 430.35 KB; Date: 27 February 2008
O2P and BPA/P Periodic Survey #3: The Business Environment - File Size: 865.75 KB; Date: 13 November 2007
O2P and BPA/P Periodic Survey #2: Constraints to Growth - File Size: 259.18KB; Date: 26 June 2006
BPA/P Periodic Survey: Attrition and Hiring Rates - File Size: 94.98 KB; Date: 03 October 2005
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