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Investor Primer 2012

The Investor Primer 2012 draws on the IT-BPO Roadmap 2011-2016. The Roadmap was developed by a joint venture composed of Everest Group and Outsource2Philippines for BPAP (is now IBPAP). It provides a conceptual road map for mid-term industry development and growth to $25 billion in revenue and 1.3 million knowledge workers directly employed by the industry by 2016. The Investor Primer 2012 provides a timely, updated overview of the Roadmap plus information on the state of the global IT-BPO (presently called IT-BPM or the IT and business process management) industry as well as the Philippine IT-BPM industry, investing in the Philippines, key investors, and investor case studies. If you are considering an investment in the Philippines, the Investor Primer 2012 is a must read for you.

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