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Xurpas MOA signing 2r

(from left to right) Peter Cauton, CEO of STORM Technologies; Catherine Ileto, Vice Chairman of IBPAP; Rey Untal, President & CEO of IBPAP; Andy Garcia, CTO of Xurpas Inc.; Marcy Venezuela, President & CEO of Xurpas Enterprise Inc.

The Philippine IT-BPM industry is projected to reach US$38.9 billion in revenue and employ 1.8 million employees in five years. Dubbed “Roadmap 2022,” this industry blueprint is led by the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP).

As the largest industry association behind one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy and key contributor to the country’s GDP growth, IBPAP has the responsibility of organizing and coordinating with more than 330 organization members and affiliates - aiding in the promotion of industry standards and policies, advising on industry-related legislation, and disseminating crucial information to all association stakeholders for compliance and consensus-gathering. It is particularly in this advisory role that the IBPAP is aware of the challenges it faces in expediently getting information to and inputs from its members in order to achieve meaningful and relevant outcomes.

"One of the challenges we have is to have a platform where we can effectively communicate with our members," shares Rey Untal, IBPAP's President and CEO. "Up until now, the method has been largely through emails. And you know how emails can be very unwieldy and not necessarily the best form of getting messages across." 

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, September 6) — The Trade Department is sounding the alarm on the threat posed by artificial intelligence (AI) on hundreds of thousands of jobs in the country's $25-billion business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. 

"AI has presented itself more than just as a new technology, but as a threat to the current employees servicing the service export industry and the BPO, including the contact centers," the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said in a statement Wednesday.

It warned that AI can "potentially diminish 45 to 50 percent of the approximately 1.2 million Filipino employees of the BPO industry."

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Pabor ang Business Process Outsourcing o BPO industry sa panukalang 4-day work week. Pero mismong mga empleyado nila, hati ang opinyon tungkol dito. I-Bandila mo, Apples Jalandoni. - Bandila, Miyerkoles, 6 Setyembre, 2017

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Give someone another chance at life.

09052017VXI 1

VXI PH Senior Company Physician Dr. Arnette De Guzman (center) accepts the Blood Services Platinum Award from Philippine Red Cross Chairman and CEO Richard J. Gordon.

The Global In-House Center Council, the 40-member trade association of shared service/in-house centers operating in the Philippines, recently inducted its 2018 Board of Directors.

New to the national association’s board are GICC Vice-Chair Elaine Kunkle (Henkel), Christopher Eugenio (Baker McKenzie), Patricia Remulla (Proctor & Gamble), and Peter Buenaseda (Thomson Reuters). Continuing their terms are GICC Chair Karen Batungbacal (QBE) and directors Paulo la'O (Wells Fargo), Gigi Mantaring (Manulife), and Noel Paraso (Regis). The new board members were elected August 2017, and will serve for two fiscal years.