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BPAP Next Wave Cities BPAP conducts an annual study of Next Wave Cities. The subsequent report developed from the findings of the study is available in print and in soft copy (PDF). The report provides information on population, telecom infrastructure, educational infrastructure, local PEZA zones and other information of interest to investors.  *Price at current exchange rate $ 150
Information Technology-Business Process Management(IT-BPM) and Global In-house Center (GIC) Road Map Despite the slow-moving global economy, information technology (IT) spending remains on an upward trend, having grown by 5.4 percent in 2011. Also on the same year, spending on hardware rose by 7.6 percent, IT services by 3.3 percent, business process management (BPM)by 4.3 percent, software products by 5.6 percent, and engineering research and development(ER&D) by 2.2 percent. In comparison, global sourcing posted a 12-percent growth in the same period, twice the rate of global technology spending. $ 150