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The IT-BPM Roadmap 2022 identifies Human Capital as one key area of focus in achieving the industry goals of 2022. Aligned with the Human Capital High Impact Program for Upskilling and Reskilling current and future IT-BPM workforce, this year IBPAP launched the IBPAP Learning Series.

IBPAP Talks is a forum where expert speakers provide powerful talks and spread relevant ideas. For this 3rd series, topics covered includes Conversations on Being Human(by Pia Buckham, Co-founder of Cooee, Inc.) and Behavioral Skills in the Age of Digital Disruption(by Rey Lugtu, President of Hungry Workhorse). IBPAP Talks 3 is presented by IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines in partnership with The Net Group and IBPAP HR Champion’s Circle. This is open to all IT-BPM employees and The Net Group tenants. Admission is FREE!

The session will be recorded and will be posted in the IBPAP social media sites in order to reach a broader audience. Previous talks are now uploaded on Facebook and YouTube.

To register for IBPAP Talks 3 please click the link: