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Dear Valued Members,

For your guidance and reference, we forward the memorandum circular issued by BLGF reminding all LGUs on the exemption of BOI registered firms from paying Local Business Tax (LBT) during their ITH entitlement period (letter C). This is a result of a MOA signed between BOI and BLGF last Nov. 27, 2018. This will now address the long and common issue raised by BOI registered firms on LBT. 

This circular is the product of the hardwork of the BOI Investor Aftercare Service under Director Domingo Bagaporo.

Thank you and we wish everyone a prosperous and productive 2018 !

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Xurpas MOA signing 2r

(from left to right) Peter Cauton, CEO of STORM Technologies; Catherine Ileto, Vice Chairman of IBPAP; Rey Untal, President & CEO of IBPAP; Andy Garcia, CTO of Xurpas Inc.; Marcy Venezuela, President & CEO of Xurpas Enterprise Inc.

The Philippine IT-BPM industry is projected to reach US$38.9 billion in revenue and employ 1.8 million employees in five years. Dubbed “Roadmap 2022,” this industry blueprint is led by the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP).

As the largest industry association behind one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy and key contributor to the country’s GDP growth, IBPAP has the responsibility of organizing and coordinating with more than 330 organization members and affiliates - aiding in the promotion of industry standards and policies, advising on industry-related legislation, and disseminating crucial information to all association stakeholders for compliance and consensus-gathering. It is particularly in this advisory role that the IBPAP is aware of the challenges it faces in expediently getting information to and inputs from its members in order to achieve meaningful and relevant outcomes.

"One of the challenges we have is to have a platform where we can effectively communicate with our members," shares Rey Untal, IBPAP's President and CEO. "Up until now, the method has been largely through emails. And you know how emails can be very unwieldy and not necessarily the best form of getting messages across." 

Manila, Philippines (August 16, 2017) - Amid talks on artificial intelligence and its potential to disrupt the playing field for industries and enterprises alike, the IT-BPM industry’s two largest and longest-serving associations - the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) and the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) are taking a step forward by bringing the top global thinkers and industry players to the much awaited 9th International IT-BPM Summit (IIS).