BPAP’s statement on the Cybercrime Law

1.  The Cybercrime Prevention Act will help sustain and enhance investor confidence and strengthen our position as one of the world’s top locations for high-value IT-BPO services. The industry expects to post 20% growth overall for this year to more than $13 billion in revenue.

The Cybercrime Prevention Act is meant to provide the resources and legal framework to identify, prevent, and impose punishment for Internet-based crimes and safeguard users’ online information from unauthorized data collectors. Because IT-BPO firms utilize the Internet and computer technology as the principal channel for communication processes, the industry will benefit from provisions covering system and data protection, device security, and penalties for computer-related offenses, according to Hernandez. 

2. It is unfortunate that last-minute provisions on libel and freedom of the Internet were inserted into this important bill without the benefit of stakeholder perspective, including ours. Although we are individually concerned about the last-minute insertion of the provision on libel, BPAP members are collectively more concerned about the similarly last-minute provision on warrantless collection of traffic data. However, since a case has already been filed with the Supreme Court regarding this provision, we will refrain from commenting about it and would defer to the wisdom of the Supreme Court’s decision on the matter. 

3. We are confident that Congress will continue to strengthen legislation required to support the industry, ensure access to information, and safeguard the integrity of computer, communications systems and networks, and data stored therein, while preserving and protecting individual rights and freedoms. We believe that our government will do what’s best for the industry and will allow legislation to evolve as needed by the different stakeholders. 


About BPAP

The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) is the umbrella association for the IT-BPO and GIC (Global In-House Center) industry in the Philippines. BPAP serves as the one-stop information and advocacy gateway for the industry. With approximately 300 industry and support-industry members, including five associations, BPAP plays a pivotal role in sustaining rapid growth of the IT-BPO and GIC industry by working to ensure an enduring supply of high quality labor, supporting service innovation, and providing country visibility. 

BPAP assists investors in setting up operations easily and quickly in the Philippines. Relevant research, introductions to key government and industry officials, and a series of briefings at each step of the investment process ensure a seamless development process. On-going support is provided through a wide variety of initiatives, including programs for HR development, business development, and on-going knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. 

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