Service Management Program


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After marking its milestone 10th year last 2014, The Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) determined and reviewed what benefits members consider of value by conducting a survey. It was established that Non-Industry Members value Research Data/Studies, Client Referrals/Business Matching, and General Membership Assembly Meetings (GMAM) the most. In comparison, Industry Members likewise consider Research Data/Studies the most valuable, with Talent Development Initiatives, and General Membership Assembly Meetings (GMAM) completing the top 3 most preferred benefits.

Consistent with the yearly survey being conducted by the Membership Team, it has been observed that the General Membership Assembly Meeting (GMAM) continues to be of utmost importance to both industry and non-industry members, being the most viable platform in which to gain industry updates, insights from experts, and networking opportunities on a monthly basis. This year alone, the average number of attendees in GMAMs has increased by 20%.

To follow through with the survey’s objectives, IBPAP now hosts monthly Round Table discussions with a select gr oup of members. The objective of the initiative is to solicit feedback from members regarding industry concerns, membership requests and suggested initiatives which enables the association to continuously strengthen and improve the benefits that IBPAP provides its members. It likewise allows the members to get to know the IBPAP team better.