Service Management Program


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The Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) assists member- companies in conducting targeted group discussions, or knowledge sharing. This initiative aims to help members achieve a number of objectives – boost awareness and visibility among their target market or audience, offer solutions to identified industry needs or concerns, establish benchmarks, determine industry standards and share best practices, and identify viable options and processes that member-companies can replicate to achieve desired results. Various topics are discussed and taken up based on current issues that members would like to focus on or about which they need additional information.

A recent discussion focused on best practice sharing about the creation and maintenance of internal knowledge portals while another was about compliance to PEZA regulations and requirements. While the IBPAP Membership Team assists in organizing and sending out the invites for these focused group discussions, sometimes even hosting the meetings in the IBPAP office, the discussions are initiated by members themselves. Thus far, four successful group discussions have already been conducted for this year alone.