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partner acpi

Animation Council of the Philippines (ACPI)

ACPI is a non-stock and non-profit organization recognized and supported by the Philippine government. The ACPI aims to promote the animation industry worldwide with the intention of creating an identity for the Philippines that communicates its status as a preferred country for the provision of professional services to the global animation industry.

partner ccap

Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP)

The Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) is the official organization of contact centers in the Philippines. Its mission is to promote the Philippines as the country-of-choice for contact center services, develop professional standards and practices, organize learning and networking events, and work with various stakeholders to further the industry’s contribution to the national economy and strengthen its market position worldwide. Established in October 2001 by seven founding member companies, CCAP now counts 71 outsource and in-house contact centers as members, representing more than 80% of call center seats in the Philippines.

partner gdap

Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP)

GDAP is a non-stock non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the game development industry in the Philippines. It has strong ties to the government, technology suppliers, education sector and the international community of game developers through the International Game Developers Association.

partner gicc

Global In-House Center Council Philippines (GICC)

The Global In-House Center Council Philippines ("GICC") is a non-stock, non-profit trade association duly incorporated under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. The GICC is an association of various global shared service centers having operations in the Philippines.

The aim of the GICC is to commonly establish, develop, and share best practices in the shared services industry and serve as a collective forum to address concerns of the shared services industry.

partner himap

Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP)

HIMAP represents and promotes the Philippine healthcare information management services (HIMS) sector to the global market. It leads the development and implementation of various capability-building programs that translates to business growth. It upholds best practices in people, processes and technology-related HIM services in the whole industry, and also, takes pride in bringing together under one roof the leading, as well as, the promising global HIMS players.

partner psia

Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA)

The Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) is the premiere non-stock, non-profit organization of around 160 software & IT service companies in the Philippines. Our membership is a dynamic ecosystem of players from small and medium scale enterprises to multinational software giants. Founded to be the bridge between the software industry and the government, PSIA partners with government institutions to provide capability development services and trainings to member and non-member entities in the industry. Established to be the representative body of the industry in the international arena, PSIA joins trade missions and conferences in the United States of America (USA), Japan, Australia, and the Asia Pacific annually to meet and bring clients to the Philippine shores. This year marks PSIA’s 27 years of consistent and committed performance as it continues to drive the Philippine software services and products industry to attain and sustain global leadership in market share, mindshare and innovation.