Service Management Program


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The Quality Council committee handles all initiatives dealing with client development, quality assurance, and membership affairs. Client development involves the promotion of growth in the IT-BPM industry by attracting investors or clients to the Philippines. IT-BPM industry events and IBPAP membership services include all the conferences, campaigns, fundraisers, and membership meetings organized by or in partnership with IBPAP to help promote the growth of the industry and its members.

The Quality Council has been hard at work and has just started the latest Lean Six Sigma scholarship program in coordination with the ICT Office and the UP National Engineering Center. The initiative, due to have one more run, is designed to equip IT-BPM employees with Lean Six Sigma skills. Still another initiative of the Quality Council, the 2nd IT-BPM Quality Summit will be held on October 28. Now on its second year, this year’s Summit is expected to be even bigger as we explore the “Age of Digital Analytics”.